Mentoring is a universal practice present in almost every culture. In Africa, mentoring is mostly informal than formal. A youth can regularly receive guidance, words of wisdom from his parents, family members or an elder in the society. However, when #mentoring is being informal and unstructured, it is very difficult to assess and measure its effectiveness.

I therefore believe that there is a need for more structured mentoring programs in Africa. These formalised mentoring program could be holistically integrated into high school and university curriculum so that no student can end his learning journey without being mentored.

Mentoring is a key missing component in most of the higher institutions of learning (universities, high schools etc.) and even in the workplace. Developing a culture of mentoring will definitely contribute to create sustainable change in our societies.

As a professional mentor for the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Mandela Washington Fellows (YALI MWF), African Changemakers Fellowship, African Future Leaders Fellowship (AFLF), Commonwealth Mentorship  Programme, etc.), I have individually mentored over 31 young African leaders and entrepreneurs, in their achievement of personal or business goals, career planning, relationships and priorities setting. I have a real passion for helping women and young entrepreneurs, through mentoring, coaching, advisory, and training and consultancy support. I’m that shepherd that guides and help people to have a larger vision for their lives by connecting to and unleashing the greatness within them. 

 “My mission is to get a message out that will help people become uncomfortable with their mediocrity. I see a lot of people that are content with their discontent. I believe every individual has within them a resilience and an inner strength waiting to be unleashed to a more enriched life.  I want to serve as the catalyst that enables them to see themselves having more and achieving more”.

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Some of my reflexions on mentoring in Africa: