Instructional Design & Facilitation

Hello, here I’m again 😊

As a trained instructional designer and eLearning developer from the University of Science and Technology of Lille (France), I have 4 years experiences designing, developing, and delivering all phases of today’s high-impact training programs in education, agriculture, information technology, and a variety of other industries.  

I excel at educational technologies research, eLearning development and online moderation/facilitation. As an online moderator and highly approachable trainer, I blend humor, applicable stories of best practice and high levels of audience involvement.

 I have been delivering uncommonly original and useful trainings and insights that lead to individuals doing their best work and teams providing superb results. I’m also a pioneer in the field of serious games studies in Africa and has regularly been invited by universities, UNESCO and Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Education and Peace (MGIEP) to speak on Gamification in Africa.  For more details on my experience and skills, click below.

Why you need to work with me?

Instructional Designer

As an instructional designer, I am well-versed in both traditional and contemporary adult learning theory and instructional design methodologies, modalities and my specialty are designing high-impact eLearning courses for employee performance improvement programs, wellness program, productivity courses, product training, and programs that help promote working relationships and profitability.

My experience includes authoring eLearning training programs that take advantage of today’s most advanced digital learning tools, instructional design strategies and methodologies, as well as also authoring and delivering virtual and instructor-led classroom courses and corresponding print materials and guides.

I always combine high levels of instructional and economic competences, design and communication skills, media technology background and a lot of creativity. Projects on which I have worked in a consultative capacity have included any combination of the following:

  • Content development strategy
  • Measuring the impact of online training
  • Advice on how to start an eLearning program
  • Tactics for promoting a digital learning campaign
  • Internal and external resourcing of eLearning projects
  • Methods of calculating the potential value of eLearning
  • Guidance on suitable LMS platforms and on mobile learning
  • Comparison and recommendations on different styles of eLearning
  • Instructional Design: Providing learner analysis followed up with thorough, quantifiable enabling and terminal learning objectives, design documents, storyboards, development, implementation and publishing.


As an eLearning consultant, I’m experienced in designing and developing robust, innovative, virtual and face-to-face training! I provide instructor-led training solutions that incorporates effective learning strategies for a variety of global audiences. I work with my clients to develop customized Virtual Instructor-Led Training courses or to identify the best learning solutions to fit your current needs. I will ensure that the training is relevant, compelling, engaging and sustainable.

Custom e-learning course development

  • I develop custom e-learning courses that offer your learners comprehensive, interactive and dynamic experiences.

. I partner with clients to develop effective e-learning programs that help lower the training cost and satisfy employees, managers, and leaders of the organization. The programs that I produce can also increase sales, boost productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Portfolio of projects 

  • African Union,
  • International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CYMMIT),
  • CGIAR Research Program on Maize (MAIZE), GIZ etc.
  • West Africa Civil Society Institute
  • Leti Arts
  • Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie : CNF Alexandrie.

Selected trainings and workshops

  • Lead Instructor, Workshop on Public Speaking in the digital age, CNF Alexandria & International Network for the Promotion of Arts of Speech in in Africa.
  • 2017: Trainer on “Creation and management of a Blog on WordPress”, CNF Alexandria
  • 2017: Training of Trainers in « MOOC design and delivery», AUF & Senghor University
  • 2017: 7th Serial Moocer in the World with more than 26 Certificates in social sciences, knowledge management and eLearning.         
  • 2015:  Application of Science Information at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (participant)
  • 2015: Training of Trainer on “Conception and management of online Course”, CNF Alexandria.

Selected eLearning Courses I participated in:

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