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The need for upscaling digital skills is now pressing than ever in Africa. To ensure positive economic growth and development that benefits all citizens, Africa must make big strides in digital literacy. In Sub Saharan Africa, 230 million jobs will require digital skills by 2030, according to the Digital Skills in Sub-Saharan Africa report . This translates into an opportunity estimated at $130 billion to provide digital skills through a combination of business-to-consumer, business-to-business, and business-to-government training services.  The status quo is unacceptable.

Digital literacy is one of the fundamental building blocks for promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all under the Action’s framework for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4), which includes a specific target (4.4) “By 2030, substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship”. But only 50% of countries in Africa have ‘computer’ skills as part of their school curriculum, compared to 85% of countries globally. This must change.

There are few initiatives on the continent that are working to address this:

–        Zenzeleni,

–        Smart Classrooms Initiative in Rwanda,

–        Kalaan  by Didier Drogba,

–        Coding for Employment’ digital training platform from the African Development Bank,  

–        Microsoft 4Afrika

–        Ghana-based Developers in Vogue (DIV), founded in 2017 by Ivy Barley


Christian Elongue Consulting, in partnership with the International Network for the Promotion of Arts of Speech in Africa and Muna Kalati have launched an online demand-driven digital training initiative for African Youth dubbed “ODAYA”, with the goal of upscaling digital skills to increase access to employment. Targeting students and Young professionals, these workshops imparts a blend of digital and soft skills to young Africans  using online sessions, online group activities and coaching.

Why is this initiative different from others?

Founded on the open movement principles of transparency, participation and collaboration, these online digital workshop are fully participatory since:

–        Each participant can also be a facilitator if he/she has proven mastery on a digital tool or software;

–        Each training is focused on the practical demonstration of a specific digital tool: software, applications, relevant digital resources etc. The goal is to equip, empower and educate.

–        Each session, focused on practical demonstration and engagement, is limited to an hour.

–        All training sessions are entirely free and open to everyone across Africa and its diaspora;

–        All trainings are delivered, recorded and broadcasted using mainstream platforms: Zoom and YouTube.

–        There is no gender, ethnic or economic discrimination. Women and people from rural and community areas are highly encouraged to apply.

–         There is a dynamic online community on Facebook and WhatsApp where participants can receive or give support, coaching and resources to complement learnings on a digital tool.


What are the conditions to apply?

–        Have a regular and stable access to internet to be able to follow the weekly trainings on Zoom or to watch the recorded session on YouTube;

–        Be willing to learn and to share your experience and expertise with others if needed;

–        Be fluent in English or French. The language used for each training depends on the trainer/facilitator of the week, but participants are always informed ahead through the monthly schedule of trainings which is communicated to registered participants.


How to register?

Apply here: before 30 April 2021

Please note that though everyone can be a participant, being a facilitator is only for those with a proven expertise or mastery in a digital or tech tool. This will be verified by the coordinating team. In the above registration form, you will be asked to indicate the tool or digital session you will like to train/share your expertise on.


You can join the ODAYA Facebook Online Community Here


Why Should You Register?

–        Free access to unique demand-driven digital trainings from experienced digital expert from across the world;

–        Free access to an online community of digital enthusiasts and technologists where you can receive or give support to improve your digital skills and advance in your career;

–        Free access to digital resources and tech-related job opportunities.

–        Possibility of sharing your expertise and contribute to African youth development.

 My Why?

I sincerely believe that Africa needs digital skills across the economy not just the tech sector.  Since demand for digital skills training in Africa is surging – as new jobs are appearing, I hope ODAYA will contribute in equipping and upskilling the digital abilities of 1000 African youth through the 52 weekly trainings for 2021. As at now, over 362 young africans are participating in the initiative and 10 online training sessions have already been delivered each saturday at 8 PM UTC.

As an edupreneur, I’m encouraging education providers to align their offerings to accommodate this surge in demand for practical digital education; and policy-makers and the private sector also need to work together to improve the necessary infrastructure.

As a Christian, I strongly believe that we earn and learn more by caring and sharing. These digital trainings are completely free (yes there nothing hidden) and I’m highly grateful to the entire team that is working hard every week to plan and arrange each session. Without them, this wouldn’t have been possible.

If you will like to support or partner with us on this initiative, kindly write us to

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