With the rise of LGBTQ+ activities in schools, could homeschooling be the future of education?

Increasingly, individuals are leaving institutions out of distrust and thanks to technology progress. Social media was an exit from mass media. Remote work was an exit from 9-5. Creative economy, an exit from employment. Could homeschooling also be the upcoming exit from industrial and “unethical” education? If not, what could be the best way of promoting diversity and understanding without crossing the moral boundaries and traditional values of other groups? Where do we set boundaries in the promotion of the LGBTQ+ agenda? How can it be done while respecting the difference of other groups of society?

More Universities are awarding ‘fake’ honorary Master’s & Doctorate Degrees to Africans: 6 ways to identify and avoid them!

A London-based university attempted to sell me an honorary doctorate degree for a fee In November 2021, I received the following email Intrigued, I did not know exactly whether I should rejoice for being selected by a UK University for an Honorary doctorate degree or just stay cool and prudent until I was able to …

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Recruitment: Program Officer on Children’s Books

Muna Kalati is recruiting a Bilingual Program Officer for a full time contract for a period of one year. He/she will be responsible for the supervision and implementation of Muna Kalati’s documentation and advocacy programs, notably the production and dissemination of knowledge about children’s books in Africa. The aim is to increase the visibility and …

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9 ways to produce quality education statistics towards the achievement of CESA 16-25 and SDG 4

Understanding and overcoming the scarcity of quality data on education policies and practices in Africa 4 Key messages Achieving the African Union Agenda 2063, the Continental Education Strategy for Africa 2016-2025 (CESA 16-25) and SDG 4 requires informed choices about priorities and strategies that are based on better evidence than is available today. Modernizing and …

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Job Vacancy: LMS Specialist for eLearning Projects

Christian Elongue Consulting is recruiting a Learning Management System (LMS) Administrator to provides technical leadership in support of an eLearning course implemented on the SAP Success Factor learning management system. This position require an eLearning professional with at least one year experience on SAP Success Factor LMS and must be based either in Ghana or Ivory Coast.

Human Right Priority

Reflections on 2021 Africa Human Rights Day

The 2021 Africa Human Rights Day is celebrated amidst the global COVID19 pandemic. The experience of many people across the continent also shows that COVID19 has brought a huge human and peoples’ rights consequences. The pandemic has highlighted the pervasiveness of the socio-economic deprivations affecting the masses of our people. We have come to realize that under such conditions of deep structural weaknesses of our societies, the most widely used public health response measures could not be effectively implemented, without leaving the most vulnerable from the scope of these protection measures. How can someone with no access to drinking water comply with the public health call for handwashing? How can someone with no shelter comply with the public health requirement of staying at home?This year’s commemoration of Africa Human Rights Day organised by Human Rights Priority by the executive Director Miguele Houeto and her entire team (Achille Fatondji, Jaly Badiane etc.), is an important occasion to reflect on these and related issues. It presents us the opportunity to show not only why COVID19 is also essentially a human rights issue but also why human and peoples’ rights are the foundation for achieving the ideal of Agenda 2063 and the sustainable development goals of ‘leaving no one behind’

Job Vacancy: Executive Assistant

Christian Elongue Consulting (CEC) is a consulting firm specialized in the provision of eLearning, research and knowledge management solutions for private, corporate and global development organisations. With increasing associates and operations across Africa and Europe, the company is currently recruiting an executive assistant. nterested applicants should send CV and motivation letter to hello@christianelongue.com with “Executive Assistant” as title before 24 October 2021 at 11:59pm GMT.


4 proven key steps to conduct a Knowledge Management Audit in Africa

Daily, your organization is increasingly building valuable knowledge and experience. But how well are you capturing, documenting and sharing it? As your information and knowledge capitals grows, so does the importance of developing a knowledge management strategy. The first step as you begin to execute your strategy is to take inventory of how knowledge is used and stored. A knowledge audit is an incredibly valuable exercise for a number of reasons. In this article, I’m sharing my experiences of conducting this assignment with companies from Africa