Recruitment – African Language Translators

ELearning has become an indispensable tool for both personal and economic development in the world at large. There is an urgent need for easy access to online courses in a wide range of languages especially within the African continent. Christian Elongue Consulting (CEC) is therefore recruiting a team of translators  with expertise in African languages to work on its eLearning projects and those of educational institutions in Africa (Universities, training centres and institutes etc.)

He/she will be responsible for the interpretation and translation of written or spoken material from and into one or more other languages for easy comprehension by learners. The aim is to ensure that courses are made availbale and comprehensive to a native African speaker. He/she should possess knowledge of at least one African language and be able to work with individual clients and corporations.

All translations and localisation projects shall be done from English to one of the following african languages:

  • Swahili
  • Hausa
  • Igbo
  • Yoruba

Primary Duties

  1. Use specialized eLearning translation tools and CAT to promote efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. Translate a variety of eLearning documents including literary, scientific, commercial and online courses for educational purposes.
  3. Translate online, audio, video media either directly or by providing subtitles.
  4. Read through, listen to material in one language, ascertain the context and translate into another language to ensure it is properly understood by the recipient.
  5. Consult with other experts for particular subject matter as well as colleagues in order to fully understand specific contexts and translate them appropriately.
  6. Work towards ensuring the expansion of the African Language Translators’ network, which brings together translators and relevant stakeholders.
  7. Assist in managing the network of African Language Translators (ALT) to facilitate knowledge exchange and access to new market opportunities.
  8. Any other duties as required.

Profile required

  • Hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in Translation or have a proven experience translating in an African language.
  • Perfect knowledge and mastery of at least one African language.
  • Have good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Very good time management skills, proactivity and ability to work in a team with minimal supervision.
  • Autonomous, versatile and good interpersonal skills.
  • CAT Translation software proficiency (but not required).
  • Basic knowledge of the education industry


10 January 2022 at 23:59; applications must be sent simultaneously to and

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